kimchi recipe

Which kimchi recipe is your favorite?

How To Make Easy Kimchi at Home

Basic Napa Cabbage Kimchi (Kimchee)

My favorite is from

Napa cabbage kimchi
Tongbaechu-kimchi 통배추김치

How about you?

Is your kimchi causing cancer?

Do you eat kimchi? Koreans love to eat kimchi at every meal. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. All that kimchi is probably causing cancer in some people. Don't be a victim to kimchi cancer!

How much kimchi is too much?

I wish I knew the answer. Kimchi is hot. It's spicy. It can make your mouth burn. Don't eat too much. Joseph C. Kim.

Does it cause cancer?

Making kimchi

There are many YouTube videos showing you how to make kimchi. Here is my favorite one:

Joe Kim Kimchee, Inc. 15-0027

Approved Establishment: Joe Kim Kimchee, Inc.
Phone Number: 808-845-8432, Fax 808-842-0342. Approved for: kimchee (won bok, cabbage type), takuan (pickled radish), & vegetables (processed) ...

Joe Kim Kimchee, Inc. 15-0027
819 Moowaa Street Suite 112
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817-4432

Joseph C Kim making kimchi

I'm Joseph C Kim and I tried to make kimchi last month. It did not turn out very well. I had to add a lot of sugar and salt to eat it. I ended up cooking with the kimchi and adding a lot of red pepper paste and powder. It's not easy to make kimchi. It takes tremendous patience. I've learned my lesson.

HMart kimchi

The place to get kimchi is HMart. That's my favorite place. You'll find a wide variety and the prices are good too. Joseph C Kim